Sunday, March 20, 2011

Desiree / 6-Months

Desiree is a beautiful baby girl that I had the privilege of photographing! I can't ask for much more than a sweet little girl all smiles with big bright eyes. Here is a super sneak peek. :) Sorry Robin it took this long! There will be more postings before Saturday with a few more peeks I promise!

I Promise I didn't Fall off the Face of the Planet...

Well, I'm officially the WORST blogger ever. I really do enjoy blogging. :) When those extraordinary things happen, like awesome quotes, fun events, new photo shoots etc, I love sharing them! However, because of school, when I don't have to be on my computer, I just don't get on. I didn't get on my computer for a whole 8 days during my spring break! And it was SO nice. To just experience life and not feel the pressure to get on Blackboard, Facebook, or even Blogger! But, I'm back now. :) At least for now... I'm not making any promises. :P

Isaiah 6:8- "'Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?'" Then I said, "'Here I am! Send me!'" And He said, "'Go, and tell this people...'" 

I read this the other day. You know when you read a verse and it's just puts a smile on your face? This one did it for me. I prayed a while ago that God would present verses to me that relate to missions. I'm sure there are so many, but I wanted one that just... fit. And again, even in the little things, HE IS FAITHFUL.  Basically, in this verse, Isaiah is called to be a prophet. He doesn't even question it. He simply exclaims "Send me!" I desire to be like this. And not just for Ethiopia. For my whole life! Wherever God wants me to be or do.

What's funny though, is that I don't have a hard time deciding. It's the waiting that's the killer! My true daily conviction is the constant prayer and patience required to wait to head to Ethiopia, that I sometimes struggle with.

My pastor said something insightful a couple weeks ago. He pointed out that "disciple" is the root of "discipline." In the world and country we live in, we WILL have to discipline ourselves to choose quiet time, church, rest, prayer, over TV, (that's my trouble..) facebook, materialism, music, and SO much more. It's sad that Satan can just sit back as we willingly choose meaningless things over our Sovereign God. And I am SO guilty of this. So guilty that I am asking for prayer from whom ever out there reads this.

I would also love prayer regarding Baptist Student Ministry here at Lamar. I am applying to be the student mission leader! It's been placed on my heart by God for a while now, and I am SO excited at the possibility. Being the student mission leader would involve fundraising for GoNow Missions (the organization BSM supports), community missions, and helping with the spring break mission trips (possibly). Being a leader also means you get one-on-one bible study/mentoring with an intern for BSM. Our intern is Samantha and I LOVE her!

And a few photos.. :)

Jamie and I after the Rodeo. Some nice people gave us free tickets to get into the rodeo and the concert! 
Books for a research paper. I <3 old books. 

A common location for me as of late!