Friday, February 19, 2010

Behind the lens...

Photo courtesy of Chris.

I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. It has taken a while, but I am finally coming to understand living for Him and by His plan. Everything I blog about, and everything in my life, I attest to Him, and know my life is heading in the direction He plans for it to. I attend Gateway Community Church on Sundays! and also attend Sagemont sometimes on Wednesdays.

My family means so much to me, so much so that I haven't left home yet! :P

I have been dating my boyfriend Chris for about two years. He's become part of my family. I swear he gets along better with my little brother than with me!

I tend to be very organized, I like to make lists, and I love school supplies!

I've recently started learning all about Photography and I'm loving it! As a photographer, I capture a moment today so myself or others can, in the future, remember the past. I'm a nostalgic and a futurist at exactly the same time. But, through the lens I'm learning to capture everyday beauty in a new way, with new perception.

Check out the tab on the left, on the home page of my blog called "Chelsea McAuley Photography." I do senior, Prom, newborn, maternity, and family portraits, event photography, and weddings! :)

Also, I'm a part-time nanny. :) If you ever need childcare, just let me know!

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