Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emotionally SPENT...

What an emotionally exhausting day. 

AWESOME (although rainy) shoot with Lauren. 

Exciting results after beginning to edit the photos from the shoot. 

BOOM Camera Breaks. Absolutely devestated. 

Later, relief when my Aunt has a D3000 I can borrow for the time being. 

Now, just trying to take everything else one step at a time. 

And, feeling blessed for even being given the opportunities I have been.

Monday, March 8, 2010

101 Things...

I stole this from Brittany Harvison, but it looked fun to do. :)

101 Things About Me

1. I'm a Psychology Major
2. I enjoy Photography as well. 
3. I love kids.

2010 © Chelsea McAuley

4. I can't wait to be a mother. 
5. I like to dress up nice. 
6. I love Cafe Express. Seriously, I eat there at least once a week. 
7. I lied about Cafe Express, it's really twice a week. :P
8. I have little teeth, while everyone else in my family has rabbit ones! 
9. I want to be a Child Life Specialist when I grow up. 
Photo: www.texaschildrens.org

10. I like to plan, everything. 
11. I used to have a pet snake named Dash. 

2009 © Chelsea McAuley

12. My favorite aisle in Walmart is the school supplies. 
13. So, Office Depot is heaven on Earth! 
14. I hate being cold. It is the worst feeling in the world. 
15. I used to eat really fast, but now I don't due to severe TMJ. :(
16. I like to sit up close at the movie theater. 
17. I always have chapstick with me wherever I go. 
18. I tend to be a persuasive person. 
19. I love to swim (in a pool. with no creatures.) And take pictures when swimming too. :)

2010 © Chelsea McAuley

20. I graduated high school in 3 years, now I'm a 17 year old sophomore in college. 
21. I'm goal-oriented. I like to accomplish new things. 
22. I'm extremely competitive. 
23. I'm a worry-wart. 
24. I like to be in control. I'm working on being more laid back.. 
25. I just got a new MacBook. I think I'm moving to the dark side.. :P (PC vs. MAC)
26. I was a band nerd in high school. Bass Clarinet… :) 

Photo Thanks to Miranda Hester

27. My favorite show is FRIENDS. 
28. My other favorite shows include Survivor, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, House, The Bachelor(ette), and Brothers and Sisters. 
29. I was born on July 29th. 
30. Rain makes me sleepy. 
31. I love the smell after it rains. 
32. I'm a neutral colors kinda girl, I have more white and black shirts than any other color. 
33. I love Jesus, and am learning more everyday about following His plan for my life. 
34. I like to treasure hunt (geocache). 
35. I think my Aunt Maddie is the coolest person in the whole world. 

2009 © Becki McAuley

36. I like to listen to 89.3 KSBJ or Mandisa on my iphone. 
37. I'm a crier. I can cry on the spot. 
38. I love chocolate and ANYTHING sour. I miss warheads. :(
39. I don't make friends easily. I'm more of an introvert. But once you are my friend, you'd probably never know. 
40. I have to use Q-tips after taking a shower. Have to. 
41. I love Brighton Jewelry. 
42. I fall in love with anything Black, White, and Pink. It is the perfect color combination. 
43. My favorite movie is My Sassy Girl. 

Google Images

44. I generally like to exercise, but I tend to have phases of wanting to go and then not wanting to go. 
45. I could drink orange juice all day everyday. 
46. I'm organized. Usually. 
47. If I'm not organized, it's therapeutic to straighten up, clean, or get things in order. 
48. A messy room honestly makes me nervous. 
49. My puppy Dakota (not actually a puppy) is black and white and adorable. 

2009 © Chelsea McAuley

50. She hates water, or really likes it. My family and I don't know exactly. 
51. I hate surprises! HATE! 
52. On the contrary, I always wanted just one surprise party in my life. And I got it for my 16.67 birthday party. :)
53. I've traveled out of the county to France, Germany, Switzerland, and Mexico. 

Germany :) 2010 © Chelsea McAuley

54. I think 18 is going to be the best year for me so far. I can feel it. 
55. I keep photo albums because I like to actually have the pictures in front of me. Not just on a computer screen. 
56. I'm a messy eater. 
57. I spill at least once at every meal. 
58. I don't like to wear tennis shoes. :( 
59. I'm very very very picky about water. I swear water has a taste. 
60. I spend too much time on Facebook thanks to the app on my iphone. 
61. I'm not a music junky. I don't really need my ipod, i have it just because. 
62. I have a fish named Moses. He lives with all the other fish in our fish tank, but he's mine and I love him. 
63. I'm deathly afraid of octopus and squid. 
64. Really anything in the ocean freaks me out though. 
65. Aquariums give me the heeby jeebies. 
66. I've worked at two starbucks in my life and I actually quite dislike coffee. But I could tell you probably more than you care to know about it. 
67. I'm camera shy and get stage fright easily. 
68. Golf is hard. :(

2009 © Chris Martinez

69. I don't like being 17 because of all the 18 year old rules… 
You must be 18 or older to apply.
You must be 18 or older to order. 
You must be 18 or older to participate. 
You're still a child until your 18. Hmmph. 
70. My biggest pet peeve is when my sister takes my clothes with out asking me. 
71. My second pet peeve is when Chris doesn't get excited about something that he should be excited about. (He likes to play cool.. )
72. My third pet peeve is when i go to brush my teeth and the water is hot. Yuck. 
73. I don't think I'll ever move out of Texas. 
74. I'm addicted to doodling. It's gotten out of control, really. 
75. The only appropriate place to have conversations about boys is in the hottub.. "Hottub Conversations" :) 
76. I miss my friends from church, and just how carefree everything was way back when. Why'd we all have to grow up?

2009 © Chelsea McAuley

77. I try to live with no regrets, but if you don't regret once or twice how are you gonna learn from your mistakes?
78. I get super excited when my odometer is a palindrome. (Ex: 12321) 
79. I'm not a night owl or a morning person. I'm a normal person. :P
80. I have insecurities about myself. Who doesn't?
81. I'm spitting image of my dad. Except I just realized me and my mother have one thing in common:

I look cross-eyed. :P 2009 © Becki McAuley

82. I'm late almost everywhere I go. 
83. If we're hanging out or something, and I'm on time, consider yourself lucky!
84. I like happy endings <3 But hey, I'm a girl. 
85. I cannnnnotttt wait for my wedding. It will be amazing, I already know. 
86. I like to try new things (except for food.) 

Being a special agent. :) 2009 © Chelsea McAuley

87. I procrastinate. 
88. I like to find new parks to go to. 
90. I'm easy to read. I have a hard time hiding what I think and feel. 
91. I like to paint pottery. :)
92. I'm afraid of the dark. 
93. I was in a sorority for a bit. 

Off someone in Phi Mu's facebook...

94. My favorite verse is 1 Tim 4:12. 
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers…"
95. I like to wear scarfs. It's probably the only reason I look forward to winter time. 
96. I have learned so much from my Old Testament and New Testament classes. If you don't know the history of the bible, you should look into it! It's really pretty cool. 
97. I can write some pretty good poetry if I'm feeling up to it. I once won an award for writing a poem about being green. :)
98. I love Lindsey Turner. End of story. 

2009 © Chelsea McAuley

99. I believe everyone is equal, but some people are definitely more interesting than others. 
100. On February 21st, 2009 I started dating Chris, who is now my best friend. :) 

2010 © Chelsea McAuley

101. I think my little brother, Nathaniel, is the cutest ever. That's why there are a lot of pictures of him... He's goofy. :) (Emily is cute too.. :))

 2009 © Chelsea McAuley

So, Spring Break is soon and I'm so excited! I'll have a lot to blog about soon! I'm reconnecting with some good friends, going shooting, house sitting, and then the Memorial Ride and Cook-off! I'm SO ready for Friday..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is my first official post on my new MacBook! (Photoshop is coming soon!)

I've continued my photography project as it's due on Thursday, March 4..
I'm 99.5% sure these are the photos I will be turning in for my project.

Nathaniel on a Swing- Motion

Waterfall- Motion

Basketball- Motion

Fountain- Motion

Motocycle- Depth of Field

Flowers- Depth of Field

Chris + Gazebo- Depth of Field

Berries on a Railroad- Depth of Field

I'm excited to turn in my photos and get critiques from my classmates!