Thursday, February 25, 2010

On my way...

I found out on Tuesday that I am going to be the photographer for a real event! Hehe, I say real because I normally take pictures for fun and for no particular reason (besides a photo project). But this is a real event! I'm on my way to becoming a good photographer!

On March 20 is the
Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride and Cook-off!
And I'm the photographer for it!
No way!!
It's crazy, but true!!

I am very excited, kind of nervous, but mostly looking forward to it and the experience I will get from it.

If you want to ride, just go online to to register and to recieve a free t-shirt!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday was my transfer advising appointment at
University of Houston Clear Lake.
It  went really well and I'm feeling good about transferring there!

This semester God has pressed on my heart that maybe HBU isn't right for me. I love it there, but it is very far from where my life is centered, and I've never really felt home at HBU. Faculty and students are great, but I'm just not sure it is where I'm supposed to be learning.
UHCL has a renowned Psychology department and photography classes I can take! (HBU's photography program will be no longer after this semester.) Plus my momma teaches there sometimes! The campus is great and it is still small. I was able to find parking, unlike at University of Houston main.
The UHCL Spring Open House is this Saturday and I will be attending to officially apply for Fall '10!

Now... this is going to take a lot of work. I need 12 more hours to get in, so summer school here I come! Well in july i will be starting summer school. I will still be getting a good break.

For the first time in my life, I'm looking forward to the change. CHANGE. I don't do change, but God is giving me this new perspective. Change can be good. I think it's going to be a good thing for me...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One for the record books...

While eating lunch with Chris today, to celebrate one year of dating, I realized something. This year has been one for the record books!

For me: Prom, Graduation, Working at Starbucks, Working for Perfect Property Inc, Working as a nanny, Starting college, Traveling to Germany, Having surgery, Beginning Photography, and Dating my amazing Christopher.

For Chris: Prom, Graduation, Bastrop, Working at Learning Express Toys, Getting a car, Starting College, Growing as a musician, and Dating me <3.

WHOA... is all I can think. What a year!

I also continued my photography project and got a few good pictues I think!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My photography endeavors continue...

I have been officially assigned my first project for photography! It's exciting but frightening at the same time. I have all these great ideas but they are turning out very hard to accomplish.

Here is some of what I have so far...

The first two show how I've controlled the motion, and the second two show how I have controlled the depth of field.

2 subjects down, 6 to go!

Friday, February 19, 2010

If you ever need childcare...

My rates:
1-2 children $10/hr
3-4 children $11/hr
5 children $12/hr
(5 is my limit.)
After bedtime care $7/hr

My Qualifications:
7 years of experience with all ages
Leader of His Kroo, praise and worship team at Gateway Community Church, for 3 years.
Child care crew at Gateway Community Church for 3 years.

I have a car!

Contact Information:
Phone: 281-705-5644 text/call
Also, on Facebook!

Behind the lens...

Photo courtesy of Chris.

I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. It has taken a while, but I am finally coming to understand living for Him and by His plan. Everything I blog about, and everything in my life, I attest to Him, and know my life is heading in the direction He plans for it to. I attend Gateway Community Church on Sundays! and also attend Sagemont sometimes on Wednesdays.

My family means so much to me, so much so that I haven't left home yet! :P

I have been dating my boyfriend Chris for about two years. He's become part of my family. I swear he gets along better with my little brother than with me!

I tend to be very organized, I like to make lists, and I love school supplies!

I've recently started learning all about Photography and I'm loving it! As a photographer, I capture a moment today so myself or others can, in the future, remember the past. I'm a nostalgic and a futurist at exactly the same time. But, through the lens I'm learning to capture everyday beauty in a new way, with new perception.

Check out the tab on the left, on the home page of my blog called "Chelsea McAuley Photography." I do senior, Prom, newborn, maternity, and family portraits, event photography, and weddings! :)

Also, I'm a part-time nanny. :) If you ever need childcare, just let me know!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And it begins...

Here is my very first blog post. I first want to start with photography!

Photo By: Chelsea McAuley, Me!! I love the contrast of light and dark, but still with detail. I love the off centered oil digger thingy (rule of thirds!!) and the vintage look...

I was looking through all the available courses last november when deciding what to take this semester and stumbled upon PHOTOGRAPHY 1: THE CAMERA. I've always loved to take pictures, and I was immediately drawn to it. So, I ran downstairs and asked my mom if I could take it (because they're paying for school and it doesn't apply to my major..) Anyways, she said yes.
I walked into class the first day expecting to be taught stuff I'd aready heard about. Oh boy was I wrong! It is all very complicated with aperture and shutter speed, white balance and ISO, focal length and metering, I could go on and on! But, as I sat there, the first day hearing words and learning things I didn't understand, I was so excited!! This was new. And something I can learn from scrath. A new hobby! Ever since marching band ended, I've been longing to WANT to do something else, and I've found it!
[Brittany Harvison, a good friend of my mom and I, is beginning to do photography professionally and she doesn't know it yet, but I hope to one day be her little apprentice! Plus a shout out to her.. check out Brittany Rae Photography and Designs!]

Photo By: Chelsea McAuley, Me!! This picture was taken on a little excursion to a new park Chris found! I love the mood of this photo. I'm coming back here for a project I have for my PHOTO class later in the semester..

I'm going to try to always post a picture I've taken as a way to document my growth as a photographer.