Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm about to start a busy week at school, so I just wanted to write a quick post about my weekend before I get lost in the books! 

This past weekend, I was at Acquire the Fire at Grace Community Church. It was an awesome experience, and I mean awesome! Powerful worship, meaningful, relevant dramas, and inspirational, motivating sermons! It was a flashback to circa 2007 when I went to Student Life Camp with my youth group! Except, I am so content with my life right now, and I'm beginning to find the joy of following the ultimate Leader. God has placed so many new things on my heart and I'm excited about them all! One new thing is that I'm now sponsoring a sweet boy from Indonesia through Compassion International! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be at the conference. Sign me up for next year! :) 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dorm Days Begin...

I moved in today to my dorm at Lamar University. My roommate is very nice, and my room is looking cute! I took a few pictures as a sort of tour of my suite. :) 

Here is my bedroom..

My desk (still working on organizing it!)...

 My bedroom door.. I'm room A.

The kitchenette and TV. :) It looks bigger in person for sure. 

Our living room...

The super nice bathroom! I was pleasantly surprised!

Shower room...

Basket for my books and school supplies...

My closet with giant mirror doors. :) This picture shows where the room is in relation to the living area. 

Classes start tomorrow! Hopefully I won't get lost, but I've got my trusty map. <3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011's word...

My friend Angela has this great thingy (for lack of a better word) that she does every year. She's picks a word and then applies it to her life for the year. It's a way of helping to live simply, stay grounded, and become a better you that year. (Her word if you're wondering is DELIGHT (see HERE)). Anyways, with so much change happening in my life so early in the year, I decided to pick a work I felt suited me. It's going to be a daily struggle, but reminder for 2011! Drum roll please.... :)

I chose CONFIDENCE. Here's why...

I am going to choose on a daily basis to be CONFIDENT in God's plan for my life.
I am go to be a more CONFIDENT photographer.
I am going to [seriously attempt] to be CONFIDENT as I start at a school I know no one at, and make new friends.
I am going to be physically CONFIDENT with the body God gave me. 

There you go. :) Same me, just with a boost of confidence. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sweet Sawyer / Newborn Portraits

This precious little boy is my new next door neighbor! I did his mommy's maternity pictures as well, (view here) and so I was patiently waiting to photograph him once he decided to come meet his family! He was born very close to Christmas, so we schedule the shoot for the day after Christmas. Three attempt later, I had captured everything I wanted to capture to provide this family with the best portraits possible! (He just wanted to be wide awake, and his mommy and I wanted him sleeping!) Hehe, here you go!