Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Merika...

For comic relief.. try saying America with your most Southern and/or Cajun accent. It's pretty fun. Merika. God bless Merika. Merika the beautiful. And as of recently, Happy Birthday Merika!! (This is the result of listening to the Swamp People, because my boyfriend cannot get enough of that show..)

Here are my firework shots! 

The glimmer of light on the lake's surface...

I apologize for the length of this post! I can rarely find time to blog and when I do I have a lot to share! 

Now time for a funny story... My little brother was supposed to get a dirt bike for Christmas in six months. The dirt bike was sitting in our storage unit so he wouldn't find it. 

Well, my daddy accidentally took him over there one day and Nathaniel saw the bike. Instantly, it was all he could think about! As a result, my daddy had to make up a story about how somebody from his work asked him to hold it in the storage unit. 

My brother decides he is going to write a sweet letter asking if my dad could buy it from him (even though it is really ours..) 

Long story short, my dad continued to play along with the fake story of the dirt bike and eventually gave in. So, as I write this, I can hear the vroom vroom of his dirt bike driving past our house (six months early!!!). :)

"Did you see how fast I was going?!?!?!" -Nathaniel

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