Friday, July 30, 2010

Nicholas / 1-Month Portraits

Today, I met with Nicholas's mommy, and she picked out her favorites from his shoot, so now I'm going to post them!! I've been so excited to post his photos (besides the sneak peak) because how can you possibly go wrong with a baby? Huh? So, anyways, here is Sweet Sweet Nicholas (who just slept in my arms while mommy picked out his portraits. <3)

Can't wait for 3/4 month portraits with daddy in October!! <3

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

L-E-A-F Photography Composition...

Here are the slides from my How-to speech in Public Speaking Class...

I did my speech on "How-to take a well-composed photograph" and I wanted to post it on here because I think it's pretty useful information! It basically is what I remember when I'm shooting. :) But, I made sure that this acronym will work for any camera type, or photography experience! 

Any questions? Leave a comment or shoot me an email! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seven on Sunday...

So, this is my Seven on Saturday Sunday post. :) I've had an incredibly busy week and I couldn't squeeze time in yesterday. :/ Anyways, here it goes..

1. On Thursday I had my first newborn shoot (see blog post above) and it was a blast, but before that Chris gave me my birthday present early. :) I knew what I was getting, so I might have requested it early, but I wanted so badly to use it at the newborn shoot. It is a Phat Straps camera strap! I LOVE it. He said it was "me not just now, but long-term." <3 That's why I love him! 

 Photo courtesy of:  

2. Also on Thursday was my next speech in my Public Speaking class. I gave a speech on How to Take a Well-Composed Photograph, and I think my powerpoint was a hit. I'll be posting the slides in a few days or so (for anyone interested).. 

3. On Friday was my 18th birthday Party!! I had so much fun! Some friends and family came and we had burgers, dogs, and swam till our fingers were long past pruned. :) Thank you to all who helped me celebrate! 

The fruit arrangement sweet Bella gave me for my birthday (with Ryder's tarantula :P).

My decorations, as promised!

My delicious, beautiful, wedding birthday cake!! :P


Nathaniel and his new best friend Jamie. <3


The guys.. (minus Andrew)

The girls. :)

My momma wanted me to post this. She captured this reflection in accident, but it looks cool!

Post swimming.. WWIII

Sweet Bella to the rescue!!

Cake time!!

4. For my birthday, I got a new phone! It's an HTC Aria. Now, I own a MacBook and I previously had an iPhone, but I've decided to be adventurous and try something new..

Photo courtesy of HTC's website. 

5. On the 31st, my Grandma JoAnne is coming into town. My entire family can't wait for her to get here! 

6. Yesterday, my sister, mom, and I had girl's day. We got our nails done, went school clothes shopping, and I picked up my new phone. Along the way, I snagged these ADORABLE shoes nearly $100 off retail price at Banana Republic! So, if you are a size 9, 9.5, or 10, all of Banana Republic's final sale shoes are in your size!!

7. I'll end this post with my spider hamster.. Hazelnut.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sneak Peek / Baby Nicholas...

This precious baby boy is the much awaited addition to the Biesiadecki family. He is the most precious baby, and he loved playing "doll" and "dress-up" (as his mommy like to put it.. ) :) There were a few cries here and there, but over all he was just handsome as could be. Here is a sneak peek.. More to come later!

Aileen, thank you so much for letting me into your home, to take these beautiful pictures of your baby boy. And I can't wait for 6 months! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Another Day in Houston...

Today, well yesterday (It's now 12:18am), Chris and I went into Houston to go to lunch in the "secret" underground tunnels with his mom by her work. Before lunch, however, we strolled around downtown by Jones Hall, and snapped some photos here and there. I was on a hunt to capture images for my speech on "how to take a well-composed photograph," and Chris was just along for the ride. Here's our day, in photos. :) (Minus lunch because it was too fancy to take a camera out and start flashing!) 

We started at Jones Plaza which is a fun little park area where concerts are sometimes held. It's right across the street from Jones Hall (where the Houston Symphony performs..)

We would walk two blocks this way, four that way, one this way, two that way.. Just strolling and exploring the city we both grew up in. :)

Before the tunnels, we went up into the JPMorgan Chase Tower Observation Deck. Check out the dynamic, architectural, city of Houston!! 

(Courtesy of Chris.. )

Chris <3 and his monkey watch!

Pretty mural. :) It's supposed to represent Houston, I think. 

That's all for now.